About Me

I am the woman who decided that she wanted to be a writer too… and I became a bestselling author of historical fiction, a poet and speaker.

I practised as a Solicitor until 2012 and was born in London. I live now in Warwick with my family, and a large collection of books.

My poetry and motivational articles have been published in anthologies; magazines; books and online. I ran a writing competition in 2011 and compiled a charity anthology of selected entries, to raise funds to buy bread for the children in Tanzania.

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My Work

I am passionate about history, and discovered a young man sitting on a low stone wall gazing out to sea. Durstan, ‘The Monk who Cast a Spell’, is on Iona in 794 AD. He is waiting for the Vikings to arrive. His story explores Celtic spirituality, the early Christian Church and traditional belief in the Old Gods. It’s an inspirational tale of finding and losing love; how lives are incomplete without kindness and compassion, and considers the importance of change.

‘The Monk who Cast a Spell’ is available now on Amazon, and has become the first book in the Iona trilogy. ‘The Alchemist’s Passion’ which continues Durstan’s story will be published shortly, and I am currently writing book 3.

Join Me on my Journey

Alongside my written work, I also speak at both motivational and writing events.

I love to interact with my readers and hear what they think about the books, so please let me know… If you are interested in learning more about me, what I’m doing next and how I write my novels, then please click here to get in touch.

I hope you enjoy your visit… and experience the magic I feel, when I am writing for you.