From Now til Then

This poetry anthology is for anyone who has been in love or would like to be, and has discovered the joy of passion.

The power of love spans the centuries. The haunting poem, Elizabeth and Robert Dudley, explores the memories which linger at Kenilworth castle from the medieval season when these two famous lovers walked there.

Curves in the Sand recalls Nefertiti’s love for her Pharoah Akhenaten, and When the Gods Smile Again takes us to ancient Atlantis; whilst Maisie, a contemporary homeless woman, feels passionate about the sparkle of diamonds.


The love of nature and religious belief is in The distance from Durrington to Stonehenge. We experience the romance, and magic of Venice; the light heartedness of the Fallen Angel.

There’s darkness too in Woman, the Enchantress, and so much more.

The love we have in our hearts will endure… From Now ‘til Then..

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